Merle Hudgins

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Employment: Research writer; focus on history of Wharton County, Gulf Coast of Texas, and State of Texas.  

Why I became a WCJC Trustee: My husband’s family have lived in Texas since 1827 and since creation of Wharton County, 1846.  My father, mother, myself, my son, my granddaughter have attended WCJC.  I have taught classes at WCJC and my granddaughter is presently a psychology instructor for WCJC.  All of these have made WCJC a part of my life; wanting to insure its continued presence in the area and in Texas, I felt I had the experience and background to be a Trustee.

What I like most about being a WCJC board member: For over 3 years I have tried to attend as many events and programs promoted/sponsored/directed by WCJC on campus, in the county, in Texas.  Expanding my knowledge of the who, where, why, and what of WCJC keeps me in touch with the master plan the college needs to be progressive and viable as one of  today’s academic providers.  

WCJC benefits the community by: The major benefits are close proximity to numerous contingent communities and counties to allow short, easy communizing; variety of associate degree programs that suit the current employment needs; activities, clubs, organizations that help students expand their interests; dorms and a cafeteria that allows out of county or out of state student have a home base while in college.

How my experience with WCJC has affected my life: I have expanded by circle of contacts with others who are interested in providing the best education and curriculum needed in today’s and the future’s career choices via a community college. 

I was first elected to the board: 2010


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