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Monty Merecka, Secretary

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I am currently employed at Breitburn Energy Partners in Houston, Texas.
My title is Exploitation Manager. 

Why I became a WCJC Trustee:  
WCJC was a critical stepping stone for me which offered affordable, convenient access to higher education.  This stepping stone allowed me to achieve my Petroleum Engineering degree at Texas A&M and pursue a successful career doing something that I really enjoy doing.  I decided that serving on the WCJC board would be a good way to give back to a great organization that has done so much for me and my community.

What I like best about being a WCJC board member:
I like being a part of the decision making that is critical for the future, continued success of our college.

WCJC Benefits the Community by:
WCJC benefits our community by offering affordable, convenient access to higher education for the families in our community.  I believe that the success of our youth and families, through higher education, is critical to the long term success of our community. 

How my Experience with WCJC has affected my life:
WCJC has had a huge impact on my life.  It allowed me to be the first member in my family to graduate from college and to pursue a successful career doing something that I truly enjoy.  My experience on the board has also introduced me to many new interesting people and it has given me new insight on just how much effort is required to make our college successful.

I was first elected to the board: 2012

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