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Emergency Alert Service

Emergency Information

As part of our continuing effort to make our campus safe and secure, Wharton County Junior College has subscribed to an Emergency Alert Service, which is being used to distribute weather alerts, facilitate evacuations, cancel classes, close facilities, or the like.

The service we have chosen, Send Word Now, allows the college to send alerts to hundreds (or thousands) of students and staff simultaneously via any/all familiar communications methods such as email, SMS, and phone calls. When unexpected situations arise and timing is critical, Send Word Now will help ensure that our alerts reach you in a timely manner.

Please keep these things in mind:

  • More information is better; if there are problems with congested phone networks, for instance, having text messaging addresses, emails, etc. may help us reach you sooner.

  • It’s okay to enter an off-campus home phone number if you wish for your family also to be advised of any urgent on-campus situation.

  • Due to the instant nature of the service, all devices will be contacted simultaneously, including your cell phone, email, SMS, home phone, etc.

  • Please provide phone numbers and/or text addresses that reach you directly, not general lines like dorm pay phones, general office lines, etc.

The information you provide will remain private. Send Word Now has signed a confidentiality agreement with us, so they will not use the information you give them for any other purpose except alerts initiated by us.

If you decide to uses this service you will also need to apply each fall semester for this service.

Security Contact Numbers

WCJC Security Department
Wharton: (979) 532-6523 

WCJC Security Department
Fort Bend: (281) 239-1501 

WCJC Security Department
Sugar Land: (281) 243-8433


External Recourses

National Weather Service

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