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Academic Calendar Fall 2015


Deadline for Guaranteed Financial Aid Processed for Fall Semester June 1
Registration for Fall 2015 July 10-August 30
New Student Orientation                                                                            (check WCJC website for dates and times at each campus) June/July
Faculty and Staff Official Opening Day of Semester August 24
 *Final Registration  August 26-30
College Convocation, 9:00 a.m. August 28
Cafeteria and Dormitories Open (check WCJC website for times) August 30
16 Week and First 8 Week Classes Begin August 31
**Schedule Changes ONLY (no new student registration during this time) August 31-September 1
Saturday Classes Begin September 5
Labor Day Holiday Observed (no classes; offices and library closed) September 7
14 Week Classes Begin September 14
Official Census Date (16 week classes ONLY) September 16
Constitution Day Observed (classes meet as scheduled) September 17
Mid-Semester October 23
Second 8 Week Classes Begin October 26
Last Day to Drop 16 Week Classes ONLY with grade of "W" November 20
Thanksgiving Holiday Begins at 4:00 p.m. (offices, library, and cafeteria close at 4:00 pm, residence halls close at 5:00 pm)

All Wednesday classes will meet regardless of class time
November 25
Dormitories Open (check WCJC website for times) November 29
Thanksgiving Holiday Ends, Classes Resume November 30

Final Exams and Book Buy-Back at Bookstore (Saturday classes continue through  December 5)

Final Exams:

Thursday Night Only Classes December 10th

Friday Night Only Classes December 11th

Saturday/Internet/Weekend Classes December 12

MWF classes  December 14 and 16

TR classes     December 15 and 17 

December 10-17
Grades Are Due No Later Than Noon December 18
Cafeteria and Dormitories Close After Lunch December 18
Semester Ends December 17
Winter Break (college offices and library closed) December 21 - January 5

 Winter Mini-Term Begins, 8:00 a.m. 

**Schedule Changes First Day of Class ONLY

No Classes Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Day           (12/24, 12/25, 01/01)

 December 21
Winter Mini Finals January 8
 Grades Due No Later Than Noon January 11
*Final Registration Fee $25 (will be assessed 24 hours after registration)
**Schedule Change Fee $15  and only 70% of original course tuition will be refunded (applied to the new course cost). Schedule Change Fee will be assessed at time of schedule change.
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