Course Descriptions

ARTS 1303. Art History Survey I. (Core D Course)                         3:3:0

Western art from prehistoric through the thirteenth century. Prerequisite: THEA reading and writing requirements met.

ARTS 1304. Art History Survey II. (Core D Course)                       3:3:0

Western art from the beginning of the fourteenth century to the present. Prerequisite: THEA reading and writing requirements met. ARTS 1303 recommended.

ARTS 1311. Design I.                                3:2:4

Theory and practice of two-dimensional organization. Examine the principles and elements of design along with color theory to enhance aesthetic judgment and use these principles and elements to solve visual problems (for art majors and non-art majors).
Prerequisites- None

ARTS 1312. Design II.                                                                 3:2:4

Theory and practice of three‑dimensional organization including the fundamentals of line, color, texture, mass, and space arrangement. Prerequisite: ARTS 1311. [Offered spring semester.]

ARTS 1313. Foundations of Art.                                               3:2:2

Theory and practice of two‑ and three‑dimensional organization related to design principles. Includes study of historical and current art trends, directed toward an intelligent appreciation of visual arts. Prerequisite: THEA reading requirement met. [Offered fall, spring and summer I semesters.]

ARTS 1316. Drawing I.                                                                  3:2:4

Beginning course investigating a variety of media, techniques, and subjects. Explores perceptual and descriptive possibilities with consideration of drawing as a developmental process as well as an end in itself. Prerequisite: None. [Offered fall and spring semester.]


ARTS 1317. Drawing II.                                                                  3:2:4

Continuation of ARTS 1316. Emphasis on figure study including anatomy, gesture, and figure composition. Prerequisite: ARTS 1316. [Offered spring semester.]

ARTS 2316. Painting I.                                                                    3:2:4

Beginning painting course. Emphasis is on basic painting techniques, color mixing, and composition. Individual expression is encouraged. Students may use oil and/or acrylic paints. Individual and group criticism is encouraged. Prerequisites: ARTS 1316 and ARTS 1311. [Offered spring and summer I semesters.]

ARTS 2317. Painting II.                                                                   3:2:4

Continuation of ARTS 2316. Further skill is developed in the use of line, mass, and color in creative expression with some emphasis on painting the human figure. Individual techniques are encouraged. Three outside work hours a week. Prerequisite: ARTS 2316. [Offered spring semester.]

ARTS 2326. Sculpture I.                                                               3:2:4

Exploration of basic techniques and aesthetics of three-dimensional forms in various media (plaster, plastic, wood, metal), carving, forming, and casting, including additive and subtractive techniques. Three outside work hours a week. Prerequisites: ARTS 1312 and ARTS 1317. [Offered spring semester.]

ARTS 2346. Ceramics I.                                                                3:2:4

Basic techniques in hand building: pinch, coil, and slab. Glaze formulation is explored as well as stacking and firing a kiln. The use of the potter's wheel is introduced. Three outside work hours a week. Prerequisites: ARTS 1312 and ARTS 1317. [Offered fall and spring semesters.]

ARTS 2355 WATERCOLOR I      3:2:4

Exploration of ideas using water-based painting media and techniques. Students will experience methods of water color painting. Recommended for art majors.
Prerequisites- ARTS 2316 (Painting I)

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