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Virtual College of Texas


The Virtual College of Texas (VCT) is a collaboration between many of the public community and technical colleges in Texas. Students may register to take distance learning courses that are not currently offered at WCJC from other colleges throughout Texas.

Getting Started with VCT

  1. Visit the VCT Website and look through the course schedule to locate the course of your choice.
  2. Complete the Credit Course Approval Request Form and email it to the VCT Coordinator.
  3. A reservation at the providing college will be made. This reservation holds your seat in the course. (Note: This only HOLDS a seat pending appropriate approvals)
  4. Course documents are forwarded to the appropriate WCJC Division Chairs for review and approval.  (Note: This process may take up to 10 business days.)
  5. If the course is approved:
    • The course is added to your college schedule.
    • The VCT Coordinator will contact you via email, that the course had been approved and added to your course schedule.
    • You will need to pay WCJC for the course by the payment due date. (Note: Be sure you know the payment deadline or you will be dropped for non-payment.)
    • The majority of the information about this course, from this point on, will come from the provider college. If you have not heard anything from the provider college by the course start date, contact them directly. All requests for technical or content-related assistance must go through the provider college.
  6. If the course is not approved, you will receive an email from the VCT Coordinator.

WCJC Guidelines

You must be a current WCJC student before your VCT request will be processed. No VCT requests will be processed until it can be determined that you are a current student at WCJC.

If  WCJC offers the course online during the desired semester, you must take the course through WCJC, not VCT. If you are not sure what WCJC  courses are offered online, search online services.

The course must be included in the list of courses offered at  WCJC. If  WCJC does not offer the course, then it is not eligible for VCT.

You must meet the pre-requisites required by WCJC (not by the provider college).

VCT courses do have seat limitations. If the course you requested is full, you may request to take another course through VCT by filling out another online VCT request form.  WCJC cannot bump you into VCT courses.

For More Information Please Contact the VCT Coordinator:

Michele Betancourt


(979) 532-6336

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