Course Descriptions- Construction Management

CNBT 1210    Basic Construction Safety      2:2:0

Basic job site construction safety in residential, commercial, and industrial construction.

Prerequisite: CNBT 1309 (or archived CNST 1361)
Type: ACAD

CNBT 1302  Mechanical, Plumbing, & Electrical Systems in Construction I   3:3:0

 A presentation of the basic mechanical, plumbing, and electrical components in construction and their relationship to residential and light commercial buildings.

Introduction to the planning and construction of mechanical and electrical systems common to construction projects; basic calculations of cooling/heating loads, determination of temporary power demands and sizing of pipes, AC equipment and ducts.

Prerequisite: CNBT 1309 (or archived CNST 1361)
Type: ACAD

CNBT 1309    Basic Construction Management      3:3:0

Provides an integrated look at the practice of construction management on the job site.

This includes an overview of the construction industry, job market, roles and responsibilities, and common project management tools.

Prerequisite: Must be TSI satisfied
Type: ACAD

CNBT 1346   Construction Estimating I      3:3:0

Fundamentals of estimating materials and labor costs in construction.

Introduction to the skills and tools necessary to prepare cost estimates for construction projects; focuses on blueprint reading and material quantity.

Prerequisites/Co-requisites: CNBT 1309 (or archived CNST 1361) or ENGT 2304 and CNBT 1302
Type: ACAD

CNBT 2315   Construction Specifications and Contracts     3:3:0

Overview of the legal aspects of written construction documents.  

This course will introduce to students the fundamentals of contract documents that will enable students to progress in their understanding of the commercial construction realm. Introduces bidding documents and contract documents commonly used in construction projects and understanding of the hierarchy/relationship among these documents. Topics include various delivery methods, typical contractual relationships, typical and critical issues, awarding contracts, bonding insurance and change orders.

Prerequisites/Co-requisites: CNBT 1302
Type: ACAD

ENGR 1304    Engineering Graphics I      3:2:4

Introduction to computer-aided drafting using CAD software and sketching to generate two and three-dimensional drawings based on the conventions of engineering graphical communication; topics include spatial relationships, multi- view projections and sectioning, dimensioning, graphical presentation of data, and fundamentals of computer graphics.

Prerequisite: MATH 1314 or equivalent
Type: ACAD

ENGT 2304   Materials and Methods for Engineering Technology      3:3:0

A continuation of the study of the nature, origin and properties of building materials, methods, and equipment for their integrated use in completing construction projects. A study of selecting and specifying materials with consideration for economy, quality and performance in the construction of modern buildings.

Introduces students to proper terminology and usage of wood, steel, and concrete materials and selected manufactured components.

Prerequisites: CNBT 1309 (or archived CNST 1361)
Type: ACAD

SRVY 1301    Introduction to Surveying       3:2:4

An overview of the surveying profession.  The history of surveying and its impact on the world.  Review of the mathematics used in surveying.  Introduction to basic surveying equipment with emphasis on measurements.  Instruction on surveying procedures and the limitation of errors.  Calculation to determine precision and error of closure.

Prerequisite: DFTG 1493
Type: TECH

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