Program Curriculum

Cosmetology (41 semester credit hours)

Division of Vocational Science

The certificate program in cosmetology prepares students by developing positive attitudes as well as skills and technical knowledge necessary for competency in the field of cosmetology. The program is open to both female and male applicants. The student must have a 2.0 GPA to receive a certificate.

  1. Complete the Nelson-Denny Reading Test. The test is given by appointment at the WCJC Testing Centers. Students must have an application on file with WCJC prior to testing.
  2. Selection of students accepted into the Cosmetology program is based on the ranking of the Nelson-Denny Reading Test results.
  3. All admission requirements must be met with Wharton County Junior College.

Testing Center information for each campus is available online at or by calling the Wharton campus at 1-800-561-9252 ext. 6386.

Plan of Instruction

The cosmetology certificate program consists of  11 calendar months fulltime and  18 calendar months partime; students register each semester (Fall, spring & summer). New students are only accepted for Fall and Spring semesters.  The program is offered in Wharton only. Inquiries concerning admission and registration should be directed to the Cosmetology Department at 979-532-6422.

Capstone Experience: Mock State Board Exam

State Board Exam: Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students are eligible to apply to take the state board examination to become licensed as cosmetologists.

Course Course Title Sem. Hours
Semester I
CSME 1401 Orientation to Cosmetology 4
CSME 1505 Fundamentals of Cosmetology 5
CSME 1310 Introduction to Hair Cutting & Related Theory 3
CSME 2202 Introduction to Application of Hair Color 2
  14 semester hours
Semester II
CSME 1551 Artistry of Hair Theory and Products 5
CSME 1453 Chemical Reformation & Related Theory 4
CSME 2501 Principles of Hair Coloring & Related Theory 5
CSME 2237 Advanced Cosmetology Techniques 2
CSME 2343 Salon Development 3
  19 semester hours
Semester III
CSME 2441 Preparation for State Licensing Examination 4
CSME 2439 Advanced Hair Design 4
  8 semester hours
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