Program Costs:

EMT: 7 hours

Tuition/Fees In-District              $843
Tuition/Fees Out-District          $1160

ADVANCED EMT (Level I Certificate): 16 hours

Tuition/Fees In-District             $1708
Tuition/Fees Out-District          $2524

PARAMEDIC (Level II Certificate): 22 hours

Tuition/Fees In-District             $2298
Tuition/Fees Out-District          $3420
(Paramedic course completes in two semesters: Sem I-16 hours/Sem II-6 hours)

Additional Estimated Costs to Student:

CPR                                        $40
Books                                   $700/program
Uniforms                              $200/program
   *Uniforms remain the same throughout entire program
TDSH Criminal Check         $45
Pre-Check                              $53
ITLS Basic                              $85
ITLS Advanced                       $95
ACLS                                     $100
PALS                                      $100
Emergency Medical Services also offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree: 60 hours
Tuition/Fees In-District          $6014
Tuition/Fees Out-District       $9074
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