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Administrative Procedures

WCJC Administrative Procedures provide guideance related to the daily operations of the institution.  Administrative Procedures must adhere to Board Policies, both Legal and Local, which are delineated within the WCJC Board Policy Manual.


Section A: Basic District Function

AD - Institutional Mission

Please reference WCJC Board Policy Manual Section A for additional information.

Section B: Local Governance

BD - Board Agenda Preparation

BH - Administrative Procedures: Written Format

BH - Administrative Procedures: Establishing, Maintaining, and Revising

Please reference WCJC Board Policy Manual Section B for additional information.

Section C: Business and Support Services

CB - ORP-TDA Providers

CDDA - Payroll and Salary Deductions

CG - Student Identification Cards

CR - Prohibitive Technologies

CR - Technology Resources

CS - Information Security

Please reference WCJC Board Policy Manual Section C for additional information.

Section D: Personnel

DAA - Equal Opportunity Employment

DBA - Personnel Records

DBE - Contract and Noncontract Employment

DBE - Nepotism

DBF - Outside Employment

DC - Recruitment Advertising and Posting Vacancies

DC - Recruitment and Appointment of Full-Time Personnel

DC - Recruitment and Appointment of Part-Time Personnel

DC - Salary Placement for Full-Time Employees

DC - Verification of Past or Present Employment

DC - Exit Procedure

DCA - Categories of College Employees

DDA - Qualifications and Duties

DE - Compensation and Benefits

DEA - Overtime Authorization for Support Staff

DEA - Salary Increase for Faculty - Credit Above a Master's Degree

DEA - Salary Schedule and Work Load for Part-Time Credit Faculty

DEA - Salary Schedule for Part-Time Noncredit Faculty

DEA - Substitute Pay for Faculty

DEA - Workload for Part-Time Employees

DEA - Paid Professional Assignments

DEE - Travel Expense Reimbursement

DI - Drug-Free Workplace and Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees

DIAB - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for Employees

DJ - Faculty Teaching Loads

DK - Professional Development

DK - Support Staff Professional Growth

DK - Professional Development Fund

DLA - Evaluation of Faculty

DLA - Evaluation of Full-Time Admin and Support Staff

DLA - Staff Orientation Period

DLA - Remediation of Performance Contract Employees

DMAA - Reprimand, Suspension, and Dismissal of Contract Employees

DMAB - Nonrenewal, Suspension, and Dismissal of Contract Employees

Please reference WCJC Board Policy Manual Section D for additional information.

Section E: Instruction

EA - Development of Academic Calendarm Exam Schedule, and Catalog

EBA - Distance Education

ECC - Course Loads and Schedules

EDA - Instructional Materials

EE - Curriculum Development

EFB - Degrees and Certificates

EFCD - High School Equivalency Testing

EGA - Grading and Credit

EGAA - Credit by Exam

EGAB - Examinations

EGC - Graduation

Please reference WCJC Board Policy Manual Section E for additional information.

Section F: Students

FA - Title IX Coordinator

FB - Admissions

FC - Attendance

FD - Noncredit Tuition and Fees

FDA - Residency

FFDA - Sex and Sexual Violence

FFDB - Other Protected Characteristics

FFE - Freedom from Bullying

FG - Student Housing

FG - Student Housing: Missing Students

FI - Solicitations

FJ - Student Records

FK - Student Activities

FKB - Student Activity Funds Management

FKC - Registered Student Organizations

FL - Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student Handbook

FLB - Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student Conduct

FLBE - Alcohol and Drug Use

FLD - Student Complaints

FLE - Student Rights and Responsibilities: Involvement in Decision Making

FM - Discipline and Penalties

FMA - Discipline and Penalties: Discipline Procedure

Please reference WCJC Board Policy Manual Section F for additional information.

Section G: Community and Governmental Relations

GCB - Requests for Information

GD - Facilities Usage by Community and Student Groups

GK - Substantive Change

Please reference WCJC Board Policy Manual Section G for additional information.

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