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Celebrating WCJC Alumni

Otis Ray Anderson Otis Ray Anderson. Otis credits WCJC with providing the tools needed to achieve success as a businessman and designer. After obtaining his associate’s degree from WCJC in 1970, Otis earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Houston and then a master’s degree from Pepperdine University. He is a patent holder on electronic tool design and put his skills to the test with Micro-Smart Systems in Houston. “WCJC gave me a good foundation for continuing my education as well as preparing me for my first job after graduation,” Otis says. He is a big believer in paying it forward and spends part of his free time tutoring high school math students. He also notes that his wife is a WCJC graduate as well.
Venroy “Butch” Grant Venroy “Butch” Grant. A New York City native, Butch came to WCJC in the early 1970s to play basketball for longtime WCJC Coach and Athletic Director Gene Bahnsen. “WCJC stabilized my life coming from New York City, giving me the opportunity to receive a quality education while bringing a balance to me socially and emotionally,” Butch says. “WCJC was the foundation of all the success that I received in my career.” A WCJC Johnnie Frankie Award winner in 1971 and the all-time leading scorer for WCJC in basketball for two years, Butch earned his associate’s degree from WCJC in 1972 before earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Prairie View A&M University. He worked as a coach and teacher before embarking on a 25-year career with the Houston Police Department. He would also serve as Director of Team Security for the Houston Rockets from 2002-2012. “I cannot imagine where I would be today without the education I received from WCJC,” he says. “This is where I got my start.”
Calvin Sean Hale Calvin Sean Hale. A Wharton native who attended WCJC in 2002, Sean earned a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University and was a key contributor for a major master planned community in the Austin-San Marcos area designed to provide housing for more than 3,500 families. Sean credits his time at WCJC with helping him identify interests that have developed into a career. “Attending WCJC played a pretty important role in my career due to the fact that my time there reinforced my desire to work in the fields of finance and economics,” he says. “Before I attended WCJC, I had only a passing interest in finance, but taking business mathematics showed me that I had a pretty good grasp on the concepts that would eventually become very important in my career.”
Llarance Lawsell Turner Llarance Lawsell Turner. Llarance believes in the power of hard work. Over a 39-year period, Llarance rose through the ranks of Kelly Kaluza & Associates Inc., ultimately reaching the position of President. In addition to his career accomplishments, Llarance has stayed active in his community of Missouri City, serving on various boards and committees. Earning an associate’s degree from WCJC in 1982, he furthered his education by obtaining a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston. When asked how WCJC helped him reach his goals, Llarance says that the college prepared him well for what he would meet in the business world. “My WCJC instructors provided me with the skills I needed to be successful both professionally and personally,” Llarance says. A Fort Worth native, Llarance came to WCJC in the early 1980s to play basketball. It was a smart move. “For me the small campus lifestyle was a good fit,” he says. “Coming from Fort Worth and living on the campus in Wharton matured me in so many ways.”
Tamara Chauniece Williams Tamara Chauniece Williams. Some performers are born to entertain, and Tamara is certainly no exception. Gifted with a fantastic vocal ability and commanding stage presence, the Wharton, Texas native distinguished herself in 2013 by being featured on Season 5 of NBC’s hit talent show, “The Voice.” Tamara sharpened her skills in her hometown church and as a member of WCJC’s choir. “My fondest memory of WCJC is being part of the choir,” she says. “I had so many awesome memories and made lifetime connections.” After obtaining her associate’s degree from WCJC in 2010, she earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas in 2012. Tamara is currently continuing her musical career with the musical group “The Shindellas” and through work with Tennessee-based Weirdo Workshop, an independent record label and artist collective. Both her mother and sister attended WCJC, and Tamara says she would “absolutely” recommend the college to any student. “WCJC gave me a start, allowing me to take baby steps,” she says. “I wasn’t sure of myself and of what I truly wanted from my college experience. But WCJC allowed me the time to figure that out and save money while doing so.”
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