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Celebrating WCJC Employees

Natasha Goins

Natasha Goins

  • Current job title: Instructor in ADN program.
  • Education: Master’s in Nursing Education.
  • Job duties: Face-to-face theoretical and professional conceptual course. As well as heading up clinical course for third semester students.
  • The path you took to reach your current position: I began as a nurse assistant in a local hospital in my community and went to school for Licensed Practical nursing, then I moved to Houston where I obtained my ADN from San Jacinto College South. I went on to attend Texas Woman’s University where I receied my BSN and Master of Nursing Education. Lastly, I attended GCU where I am four classes shy of obtaining a Doctorate in Nursing.
  • Your toughest professional challenge: Continuing to press into my integrity and training when circumstances presented otherwise. Also, creating the dynamics of success in challenging environments.
  • Successes in life: My family.
  • Life lessons: Silence is just as important as speaking.
  • What you would be doing now if you had all the time in the world: Traveling and volunteering.
  • The best advice you’ve ever received: Not advice but an observation I saw my grandfather display. He never let anything stop him. He became one of a handful of African-American sheriff’s deputies in a time and town that made it difficult for a black man to get into law enforcement. He always showed up regardless of the circumstances and spoke up when he saw something wrong. Lastly, when he taught you something he expected more of you after that. So I guess the best advice was perseverance.
  • The best advice you could give to your students: Each has a season of learning and a season of teaching.
Erma Hart

Erma Hart

  • Current job title: WCJC Paralegal Studies Program Director.
  • Education: BBA in Finance and Juris Doctorate in Law.
  • Job duties: I instruct paralegal studies students. I also review and assess the paralegal studies program’s courses and curriculum.
  • The path you took to reach your current position: I practiced law full-time before accepting a full-time WCJC instructor position.
  • Your toughest professional challenge: Obtaining the American Bar Association’s approval of our paralegal studies program.
  • Successes in life: Passing the Texas Bar Exam the first time, having a loving and supportive family and working at WCJC.
  • Life lessons: Worrying about things that you cannot control is a waste of time and energy.
  • What you would be doing now if you had all the time in the world: Traveling the country to tour different NFL stadiums.
  • The best advice you’ve ever received: Read as much and as often as you can.
  • The best advice you could give to your students: Do not let minor setbacks keep you from reaching your goals.
Willie Myles

Willie Myles

  • Current job title: Instructor of Process Technology/ Program Director
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry (Alcorn State University), Research Intern at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island, New York. Master’s Degree in Education (University of Houston-Clear Lake).
  • Job duties: Teaching, mentoring and advising students. Assist students with job placement. Staff selection/development and program management.
  • The path you took to reach your current position: I worked my way through college, worked in the petrochemicals industry 31+ years, and used the Dow Chemical Company employee professional development assistance program to further my education.
  • Your toughest professional challenge: Letting people accomplish goals in their own way.
  • Successes in life: Marriage (36-plus years) and family (three children all with master’s degrees), ordained church elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, recipient of two United States patents, first African-American president of the Sweeny ISD school board (served 10 years), technical editor of the North American Process Technology Alliance process quality textbook 2nd edition (the textbook will be used by all colleges offering the process technology program in North America).
  • Life lessons: Life was not designed to be one “big” smooth sail, and don’t give up and don’t give in just keep your head up and smile for there’s a bright side somewhere.
  • What you would be doing now if you had all the time in the world: Doing what I am doing now and spending more time sightseeing across the greatest nation in the world, the United States of America.
  • The best advice you’ve ever received: Pursue your dreams and not that of someone else.
  • The best advice you could give to your students: Pursue your dreams and not that of someone else, be earnest with yourself and you will be earnest with others, never stop learning and be rich in good deeds.
Troy Jefferson

Troy Jefferson

  • Current job title: Director of Student Life.
  • Education: My BA is in History from the University of Texas at Austin, and my MA is in Education from Prairie View A&M University.
  • Job duties: I am responsible for the residence halls, student organizations, campus/student activities, recreational sports, student conduct/discipline, and advising the student government association.
  • The path you took to reach your current position: I started working in student services while still a student at UT Austin. I was a resident assistant, orientation advisor and peer academic advisor. That said, my plan was law school but I gave it up for a career in student services. I became a recruiter for UT then an advisor. I came to Houston to work in student life and that led me to WCJC.
  • Your toughest professional challenge: Getting people with different views on the same subject matter to unite for the common good.
  • Successes in life: In the professional sense, creating a recreational sports program without dedicated funding or facilities, creating a funding source to benefit student activities and seeing the success of students who have been assisted by programs that I worked on.
  • Life lessons: Always be truthful to others and yourself.
  • What you would be doing now if you had all the time in the world: Assisting students with finding their path, and then helping them along. In other words, I would be doing just what I am now.
  • The best advice you’ve ever received: I was having huge trouble making a personal decision. The factors I was considering had to do with how others might feel about whatever I decided. My best friend turned to me and said, “You know your life is half over, right?” The meaning was sometimes you have to make the best decision for you.
  • The best advice you could give to your students: Your dreams, talents and passions were put inside you by God for a reason. You can’t go wrong, and will live your best life, by following them.
Vershonda Williams

Vershonda Williams

  • Current job title: Academic Advisor.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree (Magna Cum Laude) and MBA.
  • Job duties: Recommending the appropriate courses for students based on their educational goals, identifying students’ Major Pathway, providing career counseling and developing short-term and long-term academic plans that lead to graduation and/or transfer.
  • The path you took to reach your current position: My path to my current position was more like a lucky stumble. My first job out of college was as a Child Support Officer for the Office of the Attorney General. Although there was never a dull moment within that field, it just wasn’t for me. Therefore, after four years of working for the agency I began to reevaluate my career. My career search led me to the Art Institute of Houston where I served as an Assistant Director of Admissions. While working in this position, I realized that I enjoyed helping students navigate their way through college and eventually made the transition from admissions to advising.
  • Your toughest professional challenge: Juggling a career and my personal obligations as a wife and mother can be challenging. In order to create a healthy work/life balance, I often have to prioritize my time and make sure to include a little time for myself.
  • Successes in life: Top 10 percent in high school, earned a basketball scholarship to college, bachelor’s degree and MBA, elected secretary for the Texas Academic Advising Network (TEXAAN), accepted into WCJC’s Leadership Institute program, wife and mother of two beautiful girls.
  • Life lessons: Don’t take everything so seriously. As a Type A personality I tend to be wound pretty tight at times. I am continually reminding myself to slow down, take a breather and enjoy the moment.
  • What you would be doing now if you had all the time in the world: I would homeschool my children and travel the world. I would love for my children to explore different cultures and learn lessons that cannot be taught inside a classroom.
  • The best advice you’ve ever received: Live for the present and not for the future.
  • The best advice you could give to your students: Pursue your dreams and not the dreams of others. This includes family and friends. Make sure that you are pursuing the career path that is right for you and not the path that others expect you to follow.



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