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Financial Aid Verification

Verification is the process by which the Financial Aid Office validates the accuracy of information reported on a student's FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  During the verification process, Financial Aid staff may request specific documentation to support or clarify information the student and/or parent has reported on the FAFSA.

The Department of Education announced waivers of documentation requirements for students in certain verification groups.  Currently, these waivers apply to the 2022-2023 academic year only. 

The changes to the verification process will help simplify and speed up the financial aid awarding process for students who submit a 2022-2023 FAFSA.  Students can view their current list of required documents in Online Services.

Please note that the Financial Aid Office will be required to request documentation to resolve any conflicting information on the 2022-2023 FAFSA.  Questions?  Email finaid@wcjc.edu.


How are students selected for verification?

Selection for verification does not always indicate that information reported on the FAFSA is inconsistent or incorrect.  The Department of Education flags some applications for verification.  In addition, the school is required to review a certain percentage of student files.

The use of the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) when completing the FAFSA can reduce the chance that a student's file will be selected for verification.

The FATV video below explains the verification selection process.

What can students expect?

If a student is selected for verification, the Financial Aid Office will mail the student a tracking letter requesting documentation of the information reported on the FAFSA.  The tracking letter will include a request for specific documents. 

A document that is commonly requested during verification is the IRS tax transcript.  Effective January 9, 2019, students and parents can submit signed copies of tax return forms (1040's) for verification purposes.  Also, students and parents can submit signed statements in place of non-filing letters.  

Students who receive a verification tracking letter should submit requested documents as soon as possible to ensure timely processing of their award.  Verification forms can be found on the Financial Aid Forms page.

The FATV video below explains what students can expect during the verification process.

Can students correct mistakes on the FAFSA?
Yes!  You can correct certain mistakes on your online FAFSA yourself.  You do not have to wait for verification to make corrections.  
Can students opt out of verification?
Students who are selected for verification and do not complete the process by the deadline will not receive a financial aid award.  All required documentation needed for verification must be received prior to the last class day of the award period.
How are home school, private, and nontraditional high school transcripts evaluated?
In order to be in compliance with federal regulations, if you are pursuing federal financial aid to attend WCJC, you will need to submit a notarized transcript with the appropriate signatures (parent signature for a home school and head of instruction for a nontraditional high school).  The financial aid staff will evaluate the transcript for compliance with the standards for federal financial aid.
How does the college handle reports of abuse or fraud?

Should fraud or abuse be detected or suspected, it will be reported to the Director of Financial Aid.  The Director will forward the information to the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Education for review and possible investigation.

All credible information indicating that an applicant for federal student aid may have engaged in fraud or other criminal conduct will be provided to the Department of Education.  Fraud is an intent to deceive as opposed to a mistake or miscalculation.

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