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Financial Aid Verification Procedures

Verification is the process in which the Financial Aid Office reviews the data reported by the student/parent on the student's FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

What Can Students Expect?

After a student completes the  FAFSA, they should complete and submit to the Financial Aid Office the Student Data Form. All students who apply for Financial Aid must submit this form.

Click on the link to What to Expect After Completing and Submitting a FAFSA for detailed information.

If a student is selected the Department of Education for verification, the Financial Aid Office will send the student (to their home address) a letter (a tracking letter) requesting documentation of the information reported on the FAFSA. 

The "tracking letter" will request specific information. This information may include IRS tax transcripts for the student and/or parent,  income information, the completion of specific forms that are available on Financial Aid forms page. 

The sooner the requested information and/or documents are submitted to the Financial Aid Office, the faster the student's award can be processed.

Students who are selected for verification are strongly encouraged to go to the college's website link to FATV and watch the videos on verification

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