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Resources and Information for Student Loan Borrowers


All WCJC student loan borrowers must complete the loan entrance counseling prior to the process for their loan being completed.  Student loan borrowers almost must complete the loan exit counseling program before they will be able request and receive an official academic transcript.


Students should go the Department of Education website, How to Repay Your Loans

The website has information on:

Estimating Your Loan Repayment
Repayment Plan Options
What Do To If You Can't Afford Your Payments
Loan Consolidation
Understanding Delinquency and Default


WCJC also works with Loan Science, a leader in the federal student loan management industry, to better assist you in making wise repayment choices. Students are encourage you to take advantage of their dedicated staff of trained loan counselors to assist in answering questions or resolving any repayment challenges that may arise. 

Questions about how to best manage your federal student loans can be answered by contacting Loan Science directly at: 

              Phone: 866.311.9450

              Email:  loansupport@loanscience.com

The service is free for past and current WCJC students.



Students who are seeking information with financial planning are directed to the following websites:

For Financial basics: The Financial Education and Literacy Commission site

For Additional Information: The Federal Trade Commission Website Money Matters



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