Return of Funds

Wharton County Junior College returns unearned funds received from Federal Student Aid programs to the proper program accounts or lenders in accordance with Federal Title IV Student Aid regulations, as amended, under 34CFR, section 668.22(d) of the Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and within the rules of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

The student receiving assistance from Federal Title IV programs is required to complete a minimum number of hours for which assistance was received. If the student completely withdraws from school during the semester, or quits attending, but fails to officially withdraw, the student may be required to return the unearned part of funds which were received to help pay educational expenses for the semester.

Information about the correct procedure for officially withdrawing from or dropping classes can be found on the Office of Admissions and Registration webpage.

A student's liability for return of Federal Title IV funds will be determined according to the following guidelines:

1. If a student completely withdraws from all classes before completing 60% of the semester, a pro-rated portion of the federal aid received must be returned to the federal aid programs equal to the percentage of the semester remaining.

2. If a student does not officially withdraw from classes but stops attending all classes, a prorated portion of the federal aid received based on the documented last date of attendance must be returned to the federal aid programs.

3. If a student earns failing (“F”) grades in all courses during a semester, the student will be subject the Return to Title IV guidelines listed in the sections above. A student in this scenario will need to document with the course instructor(s), the last day of attendance, or it will be assumed the student only attended to the 50% point of the semester. This student will be liable for repayment under the Return to Title IV Funds process.

4. Return to Federal Title IV funds will be distributed according to statutory regulations. Worksheets provided by the U.S. Department of Education will be used to determine the amounts and order of return. If a student’s share of the return amount exists, the student will be notified and allowed 45 days from the date of determination to return the funds to the WCJC Business Office for deposit into the federal programs accounts. If the student does not return the amount owed within the 45 day period, the amount of overpayment will remain on the student’s account and a hold will be placed on all student files including access to (all) transcripts and registrations.

5. If a student remains enrolled and attends class beyond the 60% mark of the semester in which aid is received, all federal aid is considered earned and not subject to this policy. 

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