How to Apply for Financial Aid

Priority Dates for Financial Aid for the First Class Day:

  • Fall Semester - June 1
  • Spring Semester - November 1
  • Summer Semester - May 1 (please note that Pell Grants are available for Summer Sessions starting with the 2017-18 academic year. See Pell Grant Update Page for information.)

Financial Aid applications are  welcome and processed after the priority dates!  However, to ensure Financial Aid is ready prior to the first class day for a specific semester, all aspects  of the financial aid application should be completed by the Priority Date.  The earlier a student completes their Financial Aid application, the sooner the application can be processed. 

Applications for financial aid should be completed accurately.  Financial Aid eligibility is determined for only one year at a time. Students need to reapply each year for Financial Aid. 

 Financial Aid Census Day for 2018-19

  • Fall Semester 2018:  September 15, 2018
  • Spring Semester 2019: February 7, 2019

Understanding the FAFSA 


 Complete the FAFSA in 3 easy steps.

    1. Create an FSA ID at
    2. Gather required documentation.
    3. Log on to to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Create an FSA ID

An FSA ID is a username and password you must use to log in to certain U.S. Department of Education websites. Do not share your FSA ID with anyone.

You can use your FSA ID to:

  • Electronically sign the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Access your Federal Student Aid information on the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) website.
  • Access and manage your Direct Loans at

If you are a dependent student, one of your parents will also need an FSA ID to electronically sign your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Apply for an FSA ID now.

Forgot your FSA ID username and password? Retrieve it at

Gather required documentation

You, and your parents (if you are considered a Dependent Student), need the following records to help you answer questions on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may be required to provide the Financial Aid Office a copy of these records.

  • Your Social Security card
  • Your driver's license
  • Your Permanent Resident Card (if applicable)
  • Your W-2 forms and other records of money earned
  • Your income tax return or tax return transcript
  • Records of Veterans benefits
  • Records of child support paid
  • Records of taxable earnings from Federal Work Study or other need-based work programs
  • Records of student grants, scholarships, and fellowship aid, including AmeriCorps awards that were included in your or your (parents') AGI
  • Current stocks, bonds, and other investment records
  • Current business and farm records
  • Current bank statements

Dependent students should have all the records listed above from their parents, except for their driver's licenses.

Complete the FAFSA

Remember, completing and submitting an online FAFSA is free. A video tutorial to assist you in filling out the FAFSA is available at

The Wharton County Junior College school code is 003668.

Solicitud Gratuita de Ayuda Federal para Estudiantes (FAFSA)


 Submit Any Requested Verification Documents

After the FAFSA information has been received by WCJC students will be sent a communication requesting additional documents. These are known as verification documents. Students need to respond as quickly as possible to the request for a verification document. 

Students will find most verification documents on the WCJC Website on the Financial Aid Forms page. 



Click on the link What To Expect After You Complete and Submit a FAFSA for detailed information.



Students must be prepared to validate the credentials of their diploma from an on-line high school or home school.  Please see the Financial Aid Office for information. 

Attention all financial aid students:

Notifications to students regarding their financial aid process (missing documents, award information, status, updates, etc.) will be posted in a student's Online Services account. Students need to monitor their account on a regular basis.

The Financial Aid Office will communicate via WCJC Student Email addresses once the student has enrolled for courses. It is the student's responsibility to activate their WCJC student email account and monitor it.

If you do not complete all your financial aid documentation by the priority date you may have to pay your tuition / fees and books on an out-of-pocket basis and get reimbursed when your financial aid documentation is complete and you have been awarded. The college has an installment plan for students who wish to hold their classes while they complete their financial aid documentation.

All approvals are based on the assumption that Congress will appropriate funds for the various programs. Consequently, approved aid terminates if money is not allocated to Wharton County Junior College.




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