Recent Awards

Texas Completion Repayment Grant

Award: $75,000

Awarded January, 2022

The Texas Completion Repayment Grant Program is part of the $96.4 million fund established to provide essential emergency support to college students who have been most significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The program is designed to assist students who have an outstanding balance at Wharton County Junior College and have not earned a credential or degree.  The maximum award per student is $1,000.


Click here to apply for the Texas Completion Repayment Grant


Texas Reskilling and Upskilling for Education (TRUE) Institutional Capacity Grant

Award: $498,998.00

Awarded December, 2021

The purpose of the TRUE Grant is to enhance the EMT and AEMT programs by expanding our EMT program to our Richmond campus.


Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Skills Development Fund

Award: $50,000

Awarded July, 2021

The purpose of the Skills Development Fund is to enhance the ability to respond to industry and workforce training needs.


Texas Reskilling Support Fund Grant Program

Award: $112,500

Awarded March, 2021

The purpose of the Texas Reskilling Grant is to support students pursuing high value credentials who are near completion of their post-secondary credential and re-enrolling to complete a postsecondary credential.

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