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Grant-Seeking Priorities

The College places a priority on grants that support the Mission, Vision and Goals of WCJC.  All grant activity should be tied back to these priorities.


Wharton County Junior College is an institution that emphasizes personal attention to students, innovation and flexibility in its credit and noncredit offerings, and responsiveness to the diversity of communities it serves. The college is dedicated to providing an educational environment that recognizes individuality, stresses the importance of human relationships, and reflects the democratic values of our society.


Wharton County Junior College will ensure that our diverse student population receives the highest level of educational opportunities through well-designed transfer and workforce pathways, which allow students to reach their personal goals while shaping the future of the communities we serve.


  • Integrity:  We are dedicated to being open, honest, and responsible in our actions and words.  These tenets provide the foundation for everything we do, as individuals and as a college community.
  • Quality: We strive to provide an environment of educational excellence and rigor. This environment is shaped by the long-term goals of the students and communities we serve.
  • Commitment: We are steadfast in the pursuit of our goals, both for ourselves and for our students.
  • Student-Focused: We value our students beyond all else. We build trusting relationships grounded in fairness, respect, and accountability.

Institutional Goals

The Wharton County Junior College Strategic Plan is founded upon four overarching institutional goals:

Student Success

WCJC will provide exceptional educational opportunities and support services that foster a culture of holistic student engagement resulting in increased student success.

Community Impact

WCJC will rise to the needs of the diverse communities we serve by addressing local needs, cultivating collaborative partnerships, and responding to our area’s workforce demands.

Resource Optimization and Organizational Stewardship

WCJC will preserve and protect our organizational resources to optimize funding for strategic priorities and maintain fiscal security for the future of the college.

Innovation and Institutional Excellence

WCJC will improve our institutional agility and excellence by developing a culture of collaboration, inclusion, and innovation with a focus on the future.

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