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Dean of Student Success

The Dean of Student Success serves as an advocate for students, collaborating with the campus community to foster leadership, civility, accountability and responsibility.  The Dean of Student Success is responsible for upholding the code of student conduct found in the Student Rights and Responsibilities policies.   

Student Handbook

If you're hitting a roadblock and can't seem to find an answer to your questions or concerns, contact us at 979-532-6905 or McPhersonL@wcjc.edu.


Dean's List

The Dean's List is a distinction used to recognize academic achievement and scholarship demonstrated by students in a given semester. 

At the end of each full term (16 weeks), those students who have been enrolled for at least twelve (12) semester hours of college-level courses, who have made no failing grades, and who have earned grade point averages of at least 3.50 are listed on the Dean's List for that semester.

Services Offered

Appeal of Academic Suspension - If you find yourself on academic suspension for the first time due to your GPA falling below a 2.0 for two consecutive semesters and want to appeal the dismissal, you can submit the Appeal of Academic Suspension form.  To be elibile for academic suspension appeal, you must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 1.5 and it must be your first academic suspension.


Student Complaints and Grievances - Students are encouraged to resolve academic and non-academic conerns informally with the appropriate faculty or campus administer.  However, if a resolution cannot be reached, a formal grievance may be filed through the Student Complaint Form.  

Policies and Reports

WCJC maintains an annual Security and Fire Safety Report.  We also have a variety of policies you should be aware of as a student.  Please take the time to become familiar with this information.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Handbook


Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

Student Complaints (academic and non-academic complaints)

Student Handbook

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