With a work-study job, you can earn a paycheck while engaging in real-world workforce training that accommodates your busy schedule. 

What is Federal Work-Study?

The Essentials

The Federal Work-Study Program provides job opportunities for students who display financial need. These students can get part-time jobs on campus – and occasionally off-campus – while earning at least a minimum wage.

The Advantages 

Your classes remain the top priority. With work-study, your job schedule works around your class schedule. You’ll take home a paycheck at least once per month while gaining valuable workforce training, possibly in your area of study. Best of all, the money you earn with a work-study job will not lower your financial aid package. 

The Details

Your first step to getting a federal work-study job is to determine eligibility by completing the FAFSA. Then, contact WCJC Financial Aid at to about work-study options at WCJC.  To maintain eligibility, you must meet the requirements for satisfactory academic progress.

Work-Study Video Library

Dive Deeper

Use these videos to get your questions answered and to learn more about the work-study process. Then apply!
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