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AEL Orientation

Thank you for your interest in taking Adult Education and Literacy Courses with WCJC AEL Program. AEL classes will be offered online and are free of charge. But, you must attend an orientation and take pre-tests. 

Here are the steps that you need to take to be enrolled in the AEL class: 

1) Click on Register and fill out the Interest Form. Please type your full name as it shows on your ID. You need to take a good picture of your ID and upload it in the form. The picture must be clear and in a proper size (Recommended size 225 x 40 pixels. Png or Jpeg file type). Only the front of the ID that shows your name, your date of birth, and your picture is sufficient.

2) Wait till you receive an email from AEL Register with the information about the virtual orientation. 

3) At the orientation, you will be instructed to take the following steps. Our staff will help you to fill out the registration forms virtually at the orientation. 

  • Find the email from AEL Register with the title "Online Connect Access" and click on the link in that email to set a password. Remember your password because you need to sign in to your account again in the future. 
  •  Now you have created an account in our online data system "Connect". Here is the link to access Connect: https://ael.socialsolutionsportal.com/
  • Sign in to Connect with your email address and the password you already set up, and fill out some additional Forms. You will see all the forms when you log into Connect.  

4)  After you complete the orientation and fill out all the forms,  you will receive another email from AEL Register that has your remote test schedule (date & time) and a link to join the remote testing session. 

5) After you complete the tests, you will receive an email from the AEL instructor about How to Join the Online Class. 

If you have any questions, please contact the AEL office at 979-532-6301 or email at AELRegister@wcjc.edu


Thank you! 


Adult Education and Literacy Program 


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