Wharton County Junior College will host the 2018 Central Regional Dental Testing Service (CRDTS) Dental Hygiene Exam May 17th through May 20 in the Dr. Anna T. Harrison Dental Hygiene Clinic located on the Wharton Campus.  Candidates must apply for the exam at the CRDTS website

2018 CRDTS Site:

Wharton County Junior College is offering its facilities for the 2018 CRDTS dental hygiene licensure examination.  The Dr. Anna T. Harrison Dental Hygiene Clinic is located on the Wharton Campus; Johnson Health Occupations Center first floor at the corner of Pioneer St. and Horton Foote St. in Wharton, Texas.

Free Parking is available in Parking Lot # 5 or 6.  Please park between the white lines. No parking pass will be required.

Building Hours:
The building will be open:
Friday 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM 

Clinic Tour:
Wharton County Junior College is offering a brief tour of the dental hygiene facility.  Please meet in the lobby of the Dr. Anna T. Harrison Dental Hygiene Clinic at 3:00PM on Thursday, May 17th.   Please indicate on the Site Fee Form if you are attending the site tour.  The tour is given as a courtesy and is not mandatory; however you are strongly encouraged to attend. 

Candidate Information:
It is the responsibility of each candidate to provide their own patient for the exam.  Additionally, it is suggested that each candidate secure a backup patient as no patients will be provided by the site. Children are prohibited in the clinic area and there are no facilities for childcare. Please inform your patient that children cannot be left unattended in the reception area.  WCJC does not provide patients or lists of possible patients for this exam.

Site Fee:
You will be assessed a fee of $250.  This fee will include the use of the facility, equipment and miscellaneous supplies.  The Site Fee Form must be returned with a non-refundable money order or Cashier’s check payable to WCJC no later than May 10. 

Wharton County Junior College will provide the following equipment:

A-DEC dental unit
Surface disinfectant and barriers
Saliva ejectors, HVE adaptors and suction tips
Air/water syringe tips
Plastic cups
RDH Freedom (cordless) handpiece, prophy paste, prophy angle, dental floss
2x2 gauze and cotton rolls
Tray covers, patient napkins and napkin holders 
Densply and/or Hu-Friedy Ultrasonic scaler and handpiece 30 kHz compatible
Satalec or Hu-Friedy Piezo Scaler and handpiece with universal tips
Local anesthetic, topical anesthetic, needles, syringes for local injections. Please note that WCJC will not supply Oraqix syringes, carpules or cannulas.
4 hole connection for slow speed handpiece
Quick connect for cavitron/Piezo if you choose to bring one

There is no repair service available for equipment the candidate brings to the site nor a guarantee that such equipment is compatible with the clinic facilities.  Therefore, we encourage you to use the equipment provided by our site.

Wharton County Junior College (WCJC) plans to provide an onsite supervising dentist to administer local injectable anesthesia and to authorize candidate use of non-injectable local anesthesia/Oraqix. Please note that the site will provide armamentarium for local injection only.  We WILL NOT supply Oraquix handles, cannulas or carpules. 

WCJC will not provide the following:

Patients for the candidates
Protective eye wear for candidate and patient
Appropriate clinic attire
Gloves, masks, over gowns (required for patient treatment)
Face shields
Slow speed handpieces for engine polishing with 4 hole connector
Oraqix handles, cannulas or carpules

Personal Protection and Infection Control:
Candidates must strictly adhere to all CDC guidelines concerning barrier protection and instrument/equipment sterilization.  It is the policy of the Wharton County Junior College Dental Hygiene Program that all students/candidates wear scrubs, disposable over gowns, protective eyewear with side shields, gloves and face-masks while performing patient treatment.  Each candidate is responsible for providing this equipment.

All instruments must be sterile and appropriately packaged.

Sterilization services are not available prior to or after the examination.

Candidates that have not taken the required radiographs may take them on the day of the examination.  There is no extra fee for the radiographs.  Dental film and digital sensors are available.  Candidates exposing radiographs on site must comply with the WCJC Radiology Infection Control Procedures.


Site Fee Form:
Please return the enclosed Site Fee Form with your cashier’s check or money order for $250 payable to WCJC.  Please indicate if you wish to participate in the tour.

Mail your completed form to:
Carol J. Derkowski, RDH, MAIE
911 Boling Hwy.
Wharton, Texas  77488

Please feel free to contact me for questions, concerns or additional information.


Carol J Derkowski, RDH, MAIE
Chair, Allied Health Division
Director of Dental Hygiene

CRDTS equipment 1  

CRDTS equipment 2

CRDTS equipment 3

CRDTS equipment 4





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