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Business & Financial
    Total Contact Hours: 72
    Tuition: $670

     comprehensive program is designed to prepare students to enter the workforce in an office setting. The program will begin with an overview of basic computer skills including keyboarding, filing and navigation. The students will then be exposed to various Microsoft Office software products and their uses in the business world. Students will also receive instruction on general office procedures. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, records management, banking and accounting, time management, customer service, communication, organization and filing, and the use of general office equipment.


  • QUICKBOOKS (online)

    The Continuing Education Department offers several Quickbooks courses for various versions of the application. The courses are designed for users of all levels and some courses are geared toward specific uses of the software. All courses are offered online and do not require a textbook. Hours and prices of these courses may vary. Click HERE for course details and information. 

    Total Contact Hours: 24
    Tuition: $115


    You'll learn to create and use a budget, borrow and invest wisely, make intelligent decisions about insurance, and plan for your financial future. You'll develop a retirement savings plan, and you'll be better prepared to make large purchases and plan for taxes. You'll learn the essentials of household bookkeeping, record-keeping requirements, and much, much more

    Total Contact Hours: 24
    Tuition: $115


    If you're interested in increasing your financial awareness and accountability while also gaining a marketable skill, this course is for you. You'll learn the basics of double-entry bookkeeping, while also learning how to analyze and record financial transactions, as well as prepare various financial reports at the end of the fiscal period. Suitable for either a small business or an individual household, this course is sure to increase financial awareness and accountability. 

    Total Contact Hours: 24
    Tuition: $115


    Create an effective resume or improve the one you already have. Transform your resume into a powerful tool that will get you interviews. This workshop will lead you through a self-assessment series so you will have extensive knowledge about the product you are marketing YOU! 

    The Continuing Education Department offers several classes geared towards both small and large businesses in the fields of marketing, finance, planning, and many more. We also have classes designed to assist individuals who desire to start their own small business or a business from home. Course hours and prices will vary. Click HERE for course details and information.


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