Program Curriculum-Construction Management

Construction Management AAS Degree


Important Update:

 Regrettably WCJC must phase out the AAS degree in Construction Management and will no longer accept new students in this program.

Current Construction Management students have options:

  • WCJC has developed a teach-out plan for you to complete your AAS in Construction Management.  Please contact Jo Ann Shimek, Program Director, at for advising.  It will be very important that you enroll in the correct Construction Management class when it is offered beginning spring 2017 in order for you to complete your Construction Management AAS degree.
  • You may change your major to one of many others that WCJC offers.  The Change of Major Form can be found at: 
  • You may transfer to another university.  If you wish to transfer please meet with a counselor or program director at your intended transfer university immediately. They will advise you on the best path to take to earn that institution’s Construction Management degree.  (UH SGL, students should meet with Ms. Kim Williams.)  Most “TECH” classified WCJC Construction Management classes will only transfer as electives and not towards the award.

 If you have any questions about your degree plan or degree options please contact:

 Jo Ann Shimek,,979-532-6339



(60 semester credit hours)

Construction Management is an exciting major that can lead graduates into several areas of concentration. Entry level jobs can be found in the fields of commercial, residential, or highway/heavy construction. The functions of construction management typically include:

  • Identifying project objectives
  • Estimating job costs and requirements
  • Planning, budgeting, and scheduling of labor, materials and equipment
  • Selecting contractors and setting performance goals
  • Assuring quality standards in construction
  • Overseeing project safety

Coursework for the program includes identifying construction material, estimating, scheduling, basic AutoCAD, project management, mechanical and electrical systems planning, construction documents, and basic safety requirements.

Candidates must have good communication skills, management skills, a good work ethic and a dedication to quality.

Upon successful completion of the program, students can enter the job market or have the opportunity to further their education in a Bachelors degree program at the university level.  Courses are designed for ease of transferability.  Contact your transfer university for information.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Graduates of the Construction Management program will be able to:

  1. Communicate well verbally and in writing
  2. Work well in a team environment
  3. Manage projects appropriately in order to meet deadlines
  4. Demonstrate professionalism and ethical work habits
  5. Follow appropriate industry safety standards
  6. Plan for commercial construction mechanical and electrical systems
  7. Assist in the selection of building materials commonly used in construction projects
  8. Utilize and occasionally develop drawings, blueprints, surveys, contracts and other documents commonly used in construction projects
  9. Estimate materials and costs associated with construction projects
  10. Work with software applications commonly used in the construction industry
  11. Develop a working knowledge of applicable codes and standards
  12. Schedule and coordinate materials delivery, contractors, and other relevant construction site activities

Effective Fall 2015


Course Title

Semester Hours

Semester I

CNBT 1309

Basic Construction Management


ENGR 1304

Engineering Graphics I


ENGL 1301

Composition I


MATH 1324

Mathematics for Business & Social Sciences I (Finite Math)


LEAD 1100

Workforce Development with Critical Thinking


 Total Semester Hours


Semester II

ENGT 2304

Materials & Methods for Engineering Technology


DFTG 1493 or DFTG 1417

Special Topics in Civil Drafting and Civil Engineering, or Architectural Drafting


MATH 1316



CNBT 1302

Mechanical, Plumbing,and Electrical Systems in Construction I



Language, Philosophy, & Culture or Creative Arts from the AAS General Education Course List


Total Semester Hours


Semester III

CNBT 1346

Construction Estimating I


CNBT 2315

Construction Specifications and Contracts


PHYS 1401

College Physics I


GOVT 2305

Federal Government


MATH 2312



 Total Semester Hours


Semester IV

SRVY 1301

Introduction to Surveying


CNBT 1210

Basic Construction Safety


CHEM 1411

General Chemistry I


ACCT 2301

Principles of Financial Accounting


ENGL 2311

Technical and Business Writing


 Total Semester Hours


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