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Division of Vocational Science

Mission Statement



The Vocational Science Division seeks to serve a diverse student population through creative instruction and hands-on experience. Upon graduation, our students will possess the skills and knowledge necessary to integrate into the workforce and apply their knowledge and skills to the advancement and support of both public and private sector needs. The Vocational Science Division will provide student experiences that can be applied in a practical way within the workforce, both on the job and in the community.

The Division of Vocational Sciences has these purposes:                                                                          

  • To provide specialized training for those students wishing to attain skills necessary for transitioning directly into the workforce.
  • To assist in identifying occupational interests of students and to keep students abreast of career opportunities.
  • To assist in continuing-education programs for persons currently employed, unemployed, or underemployed within the workforce.



Tim Guin
Division Chair
Police Academy Program Director/Instructor
(979) 532-6575

Michelle Smith
Division Secretary
(979) 532-6554

Kimberly Lewis
Part-time Division Clerk - Bay City Campus
(979) 318-7357

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