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Manufacturing Technology

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Tenaris Industrial Center in Bay City, Texas.Tenaris Industrial Center in Bay City, Texas.

Mechanical Technician - Level I Certificate

The Industrial Maintenance certificate is a two-semester certificate designed to provide an introduction to the field of Manufacturing Technology. Awardees of the certificate will possess the basic knowledge needed to hold an entry-level position at an industrial plant as a maintenance technician. 

This certificate transfers into the AAS degree in Manufacturing Technology.  The certificate may also be used as an enhancement to provide students additional skills to increase flexibility in employment options.

Mechanical Technician - Level II Certificate

This certificate is designed to give students a technical-level specialized career tract option in the areas of mechanical maintenance.  The program prepares individuals to apply basic engineering technology principles, mechatronics, and other technical skills in support of maintenance and mechanical equipment used in many sectors of industry; including power generation, chemical processing, manufacturing and others.

The certificate may also be used as an enhancement to existing related degrees: Nuclear Power Technology, Process Technology or other AAS Degrees by providing students more flexibility in their employment options.

Manufacturing Technology - AAS degree

Track A:  Mechanical Technician Specialty

Track B:  Electrical Technician Specialty

Track C:  Instrumentation & Control Technician Specialty

This program requires students to complete highly technical tasks requiring advanced skills and knowledge.  An engineering technician installs and maintains automated manufacturing machines, production lines and security systems.  Engineering technicians are required to work on and with equipment integrating electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics and computer controls.  The manufacturing technology program teaches a combination of skills that prepare students to perform many different jobs in industries, including petroleum-field services and automated manufacturing.  An AAS Degree in Manufacturing Technology (Mechatronics) will be awarded upon successful completion of this two year program.

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